Who we are?


Our irreplaceable volunteers:


+ Adrian Woźnicki
+ Anna Haney
+ Bartłomiej Wojtaszek
+ Christofer Tiller
+  Daniel Dowhan
+ Drew Luhowy
+ Grzegorz Dubrowski
+ Grzegorz Horyd
+ Kenneth Brady
+ Julia Abratańska
+ Marcin Bąk
+ Paweł Stelmach
+ Piotr Krajewski
+ Przemysław Ciastek
+ Radosław Markowicz
+ Rafał Rejn
+ Michael Schmitz 

From 1st day of the war we have made an effort to bring humanitarian aid to people in need in Ukraine.

We helped tens of people to get out and we brought help to hundreds.

We are a charity initiated by:

Maciej Mielniczuk

We collect money through a public collection to purchase medicine and protective equipment for people who remained in Ukraine. This means that 100% of the collected funds will be allocated to the purpose for which the collection was created. And… that the Ministry of Finance will revise the numbers, not only our community. But it also means that because we act as a committee, we are personally responsible for bank accounts, PayPal accounts, etc. Transparency is very important to us.